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We are subject-matter experts on all things medical imaging! We provide specialist diagnostic radiography services from supporting pre-assessment clinics, to Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (RMI) scans. We have capacity to perform radiation dose assessments, CT brain and colon reporting and support any complex radiological examinations.

So if your hospital experiencing radiography equipment downtime, or if there is an increase in patient need – whatever the reason, if you require additional Radiography capacity, Contact Us today to discuss your requirements.

At FSTC, we offer bespoke medical imaging solutions, fully staffed equipment both on a short and long term basis specifically tailored to your requirements.

Staffing Needs

Through our unparalleled Radiography sector knowledge, we have an extensive directory of well qualified and experienced radiography staff to suit the needs of any hospital, private or public. We understand radiography, our clients, and our candidates, working daily to nurture and maintain our network of talent. As specialist head-hunters, we possess expertise both in breadth and depth to cover the entire radiography function.

FSTC offers client organisations more recruitment choices than ever before on interim or permanent basis, from juniors to seniors across the entire radiography value-chain. We have a huge database of trained, qualified and experienced Health Professions Council (HPC) registered Radiographers, Radiology Nurses with current Nursing and Midwifery Council registrations; Health care assistant (HCA) and radiography department assistant (RDA). Contact Us today about your staffing needs.

Radiography Career
Development | Jobs

We work with candidates to establish where in the career development cycle they are, and how best we can enhance and develop their prospects. Once matched to an assignment, we discuss the expectations and timescales involved making sure both the candidate and the client are comfortable with the match. We do not advertise all our roles here and we encourage all those interested in finding out about opportunities suitable to register here.

We wish to make contact with the following candidates:
Radiographers (worldwide candidates welcome)
Sonographers (worldwide candidates welcome)
Radiology Nurses (worldwide candidates welcome)
Radiography Department Assistants (UK based candidates only)

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